Thursday, 9 September 2010

Building a LINE of SIGHT between our stakeholders & our strategy

The LINE of SIGHT model is designed to support collaborative conversations on how external environmental drivers impact our stakeholders and what that means for our own organisation’s strategy.

This conversation is about three things:
  1. Thinking about our overall strategy and the implications for our business.
  2. Considering the changes our stakeholders are experiencing and what that means to their relative importance on our future.
  3. Thinking about which environmental factors are driving the focus of our most important stakeholders.
There are four steps to the process:

(1) STRATEGY & DIRECTION - address the organisational context we are operating within.

(2) STAKEHOLDERS - who are the key stakeholders that are able to help or hinder achievement of our objectives?

(3) STAKEHOLDERS & ENVIRONMENTAL DRIVERS - What are the most important forces that might be acting on stakeholders now and in the future?

(4) WHAT DOES OUR ENVIRONMENT MEAN TO OUR STRATEGY - What do we believe the stakeholders value from their relationship with us, both now and in the future? And what do we need to do to deliver it?

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